WhiffAway Group is fortunate to be servicing clients on 6 continents, across every distinctive commercial and institutional sector.

The list of client logos highlighted above provides a snapshot of some of the customers benefiting from our products and services around the globe. By 2013, in conjunction with our partners, we are delighted to have achieved over 65,000 installations across our regions of influence.


Our coverage continues to expand and the numbers of installations grow annually in double digit numbers. Given this performance is primarily driven by recommendations and organic growth; this is testament to the functional performance of WhiffAway’s products and accompanying service delivery.


WhiffAway welcomes perspective clients the opportunity of speaking to satisfied customers and potentially conducting a site visit. Testimonials are also available on request.

Case Studies



WhiffAway Group is fortunate to have case studies from clients in most sectors and these include and are not limited to the logos highlighted in the centre tab.


Upon request and should additional case studies be required, we are happy to provide them and direct contact with clients in specific circumstances.




Whilst there are always areas where improvement is necessary, WhiffAway Group is fortunate to be endorsed by a number of clients and this is reinforced by a growing customer base and an impressive retention rate of over 95% since 2009.


Actions speak louder than words and whilst we’ll provide further endorsement letters, we challenge you to trial our products and services forming your own opinion.


Endorsement letter from Carillion Plc.




WhiffAway Group has established its position as a market leader, based on its ability to develop solutions to real problems and a great deal of this is the result of customer advice. We want to hear your opinions and greatly appreciate your feedback.


Whiffaway Engineers are trained to collate both qualitative and quantitative information during washroom audits. Besides providing customers with recommendations, this information is then passed onto our Design and Developments team.


Therefore, if you require advice or have advice to give, please feel free to make contact with WhiffAway Group head office or your regional VERTECO office.