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WhiffAway Group continually strives to demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude across its operations. We are passionate about our product portfolio and delivering excellent service quality. As a group, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of being here to help.


MSDS Documents



WhiffAway Group provides Material Safety Data Sheets with all of its biological products and cleaning solutions. Most of the products are classified as non-hazardous and therefore do not require COSHH documentation.


Documentation is independently reviewed and kept up to date.


Permits to import biological products are often required by Local Authorities. WhiffAway Group takes these requirements extremely seriously and has a portfolio of permits and certificates of conformity.


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Further MSDS Documentation, COSHH where applicable and permits are available upon request.




Regimes are readily available for Cleaning and Dosing of WhiffAway products. These are available in flow chart and sometimes video format.


Should there be a need to conduct practical training, please make contact with your local regional office and this can be scheduled accordingly.


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WhiffAway Group is now a worldwide company and therefore has to cater for providing information in a number of different languages.


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RAMS Documentation



WhiffAway Group takes the safety of its customers’ employees very seriously, having a strict policy on providing either site specific or generic Risk Assessments. WhiffAway Engineers also hold a copy of this documentation before conducting works.


Method Statements are also provided to clients prior to installation and are also forwarded upon request if applicable. This can also be both generic and site specific in nature.


As part of our commitment to Health & Safety in the working environment, we are independently audited annually. We also hold SafeContractor Certification and CHAS Approval.


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In an ever changing working environment, the need to evolve to cater for the latest demands of health and safety legislation, import requirements and local standards has become essential.


Testament to the logos highlighted in the central tab above, WhiffAway Group invests heavily in conforming to up to date legislation, licences and local import requirements. This includes being adequately insured and receiving the relevant approvals.


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WhiffAway to exhibit at the Facilities Show

9 Jun, 2016

The WhiffAway Group are to exhibit their Waterless Urinal Technology at the Facilities Show, Excel Centre, London, on Stand Number S1050. As a global leader in our core categories, WhiffAway is delighted to be attending the Facilities show again this year and looks forward to showcasing the latest Waterless Urinal Technology, Biological Solutions and Closed Systems.  Our team very much look forward to welcoming existing customers on the show dates of 21st -23rd June and answering any questions from those visitors interested in our exciting technology.

WhiffAway Group Acquires Majority Stake in Sanicus GmbH

10 May, 2016

WhiffAway Group is delighted to announce it has finalised a transaction to acquire a majority stake in Sanicus GmbH, strengthening its coverage in Europe and cementing our regional position as market leader. Besides distributing to most European countries, Sanicus has offices in Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This level coverage, unrivalled product innovation and ongoing customer support has resulted in the company achieving average growth levels of over 35% for 4 consecutive years. Sanicus is at the forefront of washroom innovation, leading the way in waterless urinals, biological Solutions, closed systems and smart hand dryers.

Urinals: Pull no punches on smells and flooding

23 Feb, 2016

Developed nations are obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene and yet why do the same problems of smells and flooding persist?  Pouring water over a dirty problem is short-lived, wasteful of water and adds to the problem by allowing a rapid build-up of scale and sludge, hence flooding.  The conventional solution continues to punch itself in the face as lime in the same 'fresh' water acts as a porous platform for bacteria to adhere to, so it's effectively cultivating bacteria. The solution doesn't have to be a wholesale ripping out of a urinal system to start again; it's much easier than that to punch the problem head on.  An all-encompassing non-hazardous cartridge solution has been engineered to retrofit a large proportion of existing vertical waste outlet urinal systems; performing as both a waterless and reduced flushing solution.  This is due to both its unique design and functional capabilities of its integrated biological technology. It has taken us over 15 years of R&D, field trials and continuous product development; all we ask is for you to make the choice in 15 seconds.  It is considered the premier technical solution for this specialist area world-wide, so stop pulling the punches and get on the offensive now.    

Urinal #superbowl - a glorious end for Water Warrior

11 Feb, 2016

The hype around the Superbowl continued into this week so here's our summary, following our very own Urinal Superbowl: The defences of Water Warrior and Flush Gordon were strong, almost stifling the game and although Flush Gordon was an early favourite, Water Warrior came out strongest.  To see our lighthearted take on the #superbowl, take a look at our slideshow. On the serious side, the evidence stacks up - Water Warrior is the superior technology.

It's All About the Quarter Back

5 Feb, 2016

Water Warrior and Flush Gordon go head to head. Who will win?  Click on our Slide Share link: Let’s look at the form Water Warrior is straight on the offensive saving 100% of urinal water consumption, making it tough for Flush to defend a urinal with a 4.5 litre cistern flushing every 15 minutes and using over 157,000 litres of water a year. Flush struggles with limescale and uric salt build up and blockages while Water Warrior is known to help efficiently penetrate and disperse uric salts and lime scale, providing considerable hidden savings in maintenance costs. Flush is on the defensive with bad odours, having a reputation few would care to have. Water Warrior brings to the game its patented malodour counteracting cartridge. This not only neutralises odours above the urinal bowl, but also uses its hygiene seal with its unique waste housing to eliminate odours from the urinal pipework. Water Warrior is looking like a QB our country has never seen the likes of before; Water Warrior has been independently proven to be up to 4.5 times more hygienic than any Flush although many have tried to contest this. Our money’s on the Water Warrior. And with ROI less than 12 months compared to Flush Gordon’s, yours should too!