WhiffAway Group’s product portfolio and accompanying services deliver commercial, environmental and operational savings. Often achieving hidden benefits and enhancing the overall levels of washroom perception.


A Savings Analysis is conducted by our team of experts prior to installation to quantity the tangible benefits associated with our products and services. This encompasses cost versus benefit and takes into account project payback periods.


Saving money, being more productive and yet sustainable presents challenges to most organisations today. With these challenges in mind, we are confident you’ll be satisfied with the overall benefits of our products and services.

Commercial Savings



WhiffAway Group’s products and services in the vast majority of cases achieve commercial savings for its customers. In particular, commercial savings encompassing tangible monetary savings, cutting the amount of washroom downtime and reducing significant levels of wastage.


Commercial savings are often highlighted during the site survey process and are presented to the client in a report format.

We recognise there is a balance between being environmental and protecting the bottom line. WhiffAway products are engineered to deliver a quantifiable payback period and will usually achieve year-on-year savings for customers thereafter.


We are proud to be recognised by our customer portfolio as a supply partner adding value, both by providing sustainable solutions and saving substantial amounts of money as a result.


WhiffAway Group welcomes prospective clients to speak to satisfied customers about their commercial saving experiences.

Environmental Savings



WhiffAway Group’s products and accompanying services have a reputation for saving customer’s water, energy and reducing levels of waste. The impressive environmental savings impact of our products can be seen by the water and energy savings counters in the centre tab.


The world’s water is our most precious resource and measures must be taken to save, both economically and from an environmental perspective.


WhiffAway’s Waterless Technology often saves 157,000 litres of drinking water per urinal per annum as a result of its implementation. We are proud to have led the way in this field and to be playing our global part in saving substantial amounts of drinking water.


Operational Savings



WhiffAway Group’s products are engineered to outperform conventional systems, whilst saving customers substantial amounts of money. Before entering the field, our products are rigorously tested, both in-house and by credible independent institutions.


Our delivery model means in most situations we take ownership of customers operational problems related to run to breakdown scenarios, reducing downtime and recommending long term solutions.


These operational savings are testament to our satisfied clients experiencing the benefits of our products. All companies small, medium and large can benefit from the use of our products and services.



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