Our Approach



WhiffAway Group does not just supply a product, it supplies a complete solution. In most scenarios, the solution encompasses all aspects of project delivery including site surveys, initial installation, planned maintenance and reactive support.


WhiffAway’s extensive track record in its core categories of interest, coupled with over 100 years of McAlpine & Co‘s plumbing experience enables us to provide an unrivalled service.


Blue Chip and Fortune 500 orgaisations around the world today rely on the professionalism, track record and engineering expertise offered by the WhiffAway Group.


In summary, applying our simple values through a tried and tested formula:



That is our philosophy and our promise.

Site Surveys



Completed at the same time as the pre-installation inspection, this survey usually highlights site specific water and energy savings figures. This is fully encompassed in a savings analysis.


Dependent on geographical location water and sewerage prices vary, often rising at regular intervals. This is taken into account along with cistern size, flush control valves, inherent operational problems with the urinals and associated drainage to provide a comprehensive savings analysis and accompanying proposal.


Conducting a survey is not an obligation to proceed with project delivery and is at the full discretion of the client.

Initial Installation



If necessary an initial pre-installation survey and risk assessment will be carried out ensuring all pipe work is accessible and replaceable. Should any issues arise the primary site contact will be informed and a plan of action will be formed. All specialist parts will be acquired (when necessary) to ensure the installation can be completed successfully.


Risk Assessment and Method Statements (RAMS) are available on request, as well as any other supporting documentation.

At the client’s convenience WhiffAway will attend individual sites to carry out the works to install the Waterless Urinal system or other related products (predominantly on a washroom-by-washroom basis to ensure minimal disturbance). WhiffAway can accommodate evening and weekend work where required.


Photos are taken before and after any installation and issues with existing stack/soil pipework will also be photographed and reported to the client directly with our recommendations.


Cisterns, sparges and spreaders will be removed when requested to conform to L8 regulation removing all dead-legs where applicable.

On completion of the site installation a full report will be submitted highlighting all areas as per the above providing sign off documentation from the job completion.


Follow-up cleaning demonstrations and training will also be completed to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the system, the associated cleaning regimes and instructions. This is also provided in electronic copy for future reference.

Planned Preventative Maintenance



As standard WhiffAway Group provide a regular periodic (usually quarterly – 13 week) PPM visit of the system and its associated urinal common pipework to the stack. In terms of delivery, a convenient date and time slot is mutually agreed upon. Flow tests are administered to ascertain flow on the urinals and the common pipework is cleared to ensure the system is free flowing.


If issues are found in the drainage system this is reported to the primary site contact accordingly.


Cartridges are changed at every PPM interval and their condition is reported back to site when necessary. Hygiene seals are changed biannually unless stated otherwise as a precaution and checked on every PPM visit. If bleaches and/or harmful surfactant based cleaners are used this is reported to the person in charge of the Cleaning Team.


The Cleaning Regime is inspected and monitored on PPM visits and once again reported on to ensure this is kept at a vigilant and well maintained level.


The site is also supplied with a quarterly quota of Cleaning Solution (i.e. the Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner) to be utilised by the on-site Cleaning Team.


A full report is submitted highlighting all areas covered passing on any information received from the attending Engineer. Additional follow-up actions are monitored over PPM intervals.

Reactive Support



WhiffAway Group has a fully operational reactive service giving an ability to be on-site within 48 hours. Due to the nature of waterless urinals and associated products, there are no longer substantial amounts of water flushing through urinals on a regular basis. This reduces costs from a reactive point of view and removes the urgency related to call outs.


WhiffAway Reactive Engineers will endeavor to resolve any issues with the urinals as swiftly and efficiently as possible. If the issue is directly caused by the WhiffAway Systems there will be no callout charge. The engineers will also advise on issues with the associated stack/soil pipe work, floor drains, WCs etc as part of our ongoing duty of care.


Recommendations regarding cleaning regimes will also be made where necessary. A full report will be forwarded to site determining the faults and long term resolutions.

Ongoing Training



WhiffAway Group recognises the challenges with staff turnover and sometimes language barriers experienced in the Cleaning Sector. As part of our duty of care, we provide ongoing training where necessary and further accompanying documentation.


Not every site is the same in terms of size and usage; therefore, there are sometimes subtle differences falling outside of our generic cleaning and dosing regimes. This is an area WhiffAway Engineers are trained to highlight during planned maintenance visits and recommendations are passed onto the client accordingly.


Our aim is always to develop long-term relationships with clients and, where possible, we are here to help.