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Our products are saving customers in excess of 350 litres per second and rising.


Saving water reduces embedded energy consumption and cuts your carbon footprint.


Our solutions are engineered to cut operational costs and reduce washroom downtime.


Independently proven technology developed to solve common problems.


Collecting valuable insights to measure system performance, deploy resources more efficiently and help avoid run to breakdown scenarios.

Core Categories

WhiffAway Group is a pioneer in Waterless Urinal Technology and inventors of the world’s first retro-fit Waterless Urinal System in 1993. This was the world’s second ever Waterless Urinal System and a true breakthrough, removing the need for customers to change urinal fixtures to go waterless and resulting in significant savings.

Since the inception of WhiffAway’s first invention, the technology has been continuously enhanced in conjunction with McAlpine & Co and commands the largest portfolio of intellectual property in the industry.

Besides having our own global brands, WhiffAway Group also manufacture for a number of OEM, Merchant and Hygiene channels.

Products falling under this category include New Urinal Bowls, Installation Packs, Routine Maintenance Materials and Waterless Urinal Adaptors.

WhiffAway Group has been developing and manufacturing Biological Solutions since 1999. Our core focus has been engineering solutions geared towards Cleaning and Dosing, with emphasis on odour control for entities within the washroom area.

We also have a range of UKAS Accredited biocidal consumables, covering Hand Care, Floor Care and Sanitising of open spaces through fogging. Our actives are independently proven to deliver log reductions of up to 99.9999% against various strains of harmful bacteria.

Besides having our own global brands, we manufacture products for OEM, Merchant and Hygiene channels.

Often our Bespoke Consumables are packaged to form part of a complete delivery system. These are often generic, but also sometimes bespoke in nature.

WhiffAway Group developed the Closed System concept in 2012, based on our understanding of operational problems from other plumbing entities such as the wash hand basin, floor drain and shower gully area.

Common operational problems identified included back pressure, blow back, evaporation and siphoning. This results in increased odours in washroom environments.

Our patented range of Closed Systems delivers a simple solution for both specification and retro-fit environments. This removes the reliance of conventional water seals and replaces it with a physical barrier, leading to a more hygienic and odour free washroom environment.

The Closed System range includes the Hygiene Drain, Anti-Rodent Barrier, Shower Hygiene Bung and Hygiene Trap.

Through our partnership with Bristol UWE and supported by Oxfam and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we have helped develop a revolutionary waste to energy solution for third world countries.

The applications include generating power, conserving water, treating and recycling waste and inoculating soil in arid conditions.

As part of our joint development activities, we also proudly work in Partnership with the University of Cape Town to covert urine into a sustainable fertiliser and deliver a commercialised solution for both the developed and developing world.

Rising washroom standards and customer expectations have driven Facilities Managers to find more innovative ways of monitoring performance.

The emergence of IOT has enabled service providers to collect data, track patterns and effectively manage resources to avoid run to breakdown scenarios.

WhiffAway Groups Washrooms of Excellence Team brings together all the vital elements to transform your washroom space.

This approach includes consultation, project management, use of sustainable building materials, intelligent lighting, smart and efficient systems, revenue generation and customer led design tailored to enhancing the users’ washrooms experience.


We develop leading technologies, in conjunction with offering customers installation, maintenance and ongoing support




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The savings figures quoted are based on data collected between 2015 – 2018 and are subject to incremental change.

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WhiffAway Groups products and services are used in over 35 countries, distributed via regional offices and global delivery partners.

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