Top Brands Flushed With Success

What do the worlds five largest brands have in common?

Besides being household names, engines of economic growth and drivers of social change, the answer is less obvious.

All five brands rely on WhiffAway Group to deliver Waterless Urinal Technology to reduce water consumption and embedded energy usage within their buildings, thus significantly cutting costs in the process.

Based on proven commercial, environmental and operational savings, Waterless Urinals do not cost organisations or institutions anything. In fact, when implemented and maintained correctly, they are a net contributor in every way.

A few facts to consider. A standard flushing urinal wastes up to 40,000 gallons of potable water per urinal per annum.

In 2010, there were 54 million urinals in the world and rising.   In developed countries, urinal flushing accounts for up to 18% of total water consumption. This, alongside rising global populations, is simply too large a number to ignore when our solution saves in every way and creates jobs.

By switching to Waterless Urinals (ours or our competitors), think about the pressures we would take off overstretched infrastructure, the relief in drought ridden countries and the many billions world industry would save in the process.

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