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WhiffAway Group and Haltian Announce Partnership

WhiffAway Group and Haltian announce a partnership in creating the LooLights smart washroom occupancy system


The LooLights Occupancy System aims to improve the visitor flow and experience in the washrooms of highly visited public spaces by directing users and reducing congestion. LooLights is compatible with Haltian Thingsee IoT solution which makes the system highly reliable and easy to scale.

We at WhiffAway Group are pleased to announce our partnership with Haltian in creating the LooLights cubicle occupancy system. LooLights utilizes smart electronics and cutting-edge sensor technology to help visually determine cubicle occupancy in public spaces such as airports, stadiums, shopping centres amongst other sectors who experience high footfall.

The LooLights device is installed on the ceiling above a cubicle door, where it will show green for vacant cubicles, red for engaged ones and blue for disabled and PRM applications. The aim of LooLights is to direct users, improve people flow and enhance the visitor experience of spaces with high visitor numbers. In addition, the LooLights System provides valuable usage data for improved facility management delivering real-time data to WhiffAway’s proprietary Smart Platform and 3D Digital Twin, viewable from your desktop, mobile device, or user interface. With LooLights, facility management can manage capacity, carry out data-driven cleaning and maintenance and improve a user’s experience in the process.

The occupancy and cleaning information can, for example, be shown on info screens at the washroom entrance

IoT product development partnership to create the best-in-the-market smart washrooms occupancy system

The product development partnership between WhiffAway Group and Haltian began in 2019. WhiffAway wanted to create the best-in-the-market cubicle occupancy system that would be easy and fast to install, simple to integrate and highly reliable.

WhiffAway Group CEO, James McLean said “We’re delighted to announce the partnership with Haltian and thank them for their support in bringing this revolutionary technology to fruition. We very much look forward to working together with our partners in taking this disruptive technology to washroom areas around the world.”

The key benefits of LooLights compared to other products on the market are its non-invasive approach in installation, modern design, cost-efficiency and high accuracy. The LooLights System does not rely on locks, latches or deadbolts to identify when the cubicle is occupied or not.  Meaning simpler installation, less wear and tear and run to breakdown scenarios.

LooLights IoT connectivity is compatible with Haltian’s Thingsee IoT platform. Thanks to Haltian Thingsee technology, the LooLights system is easily scaled to hundreds and even thousands of lights without any issues. Like all Thingsee products, the system is software solution agnostic, which means it can be integrated into any customer facility management system.

Haltian CEO, Pasi Leipälä, is proud to announce the partnership between the two companies in bringing the system to the market. ‘’We have worked with IoT solutions for smart buildings and facility management for many years now and know the opportunities. The combination of our own ready IoT asset and customization services enable this kind of novel solution to be developed fast. I’m looking forward to seeing WhiffAway and Haltian technology in public places all over the world”, he comments.

The LooLights system is in wide use already in US airports and in Europe from 2022 onwards.

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