WhiffAway has been developing and manufacturing Biological Solutions since 1999. Our core focus has been engineering solutions geared towards cleaning and dosing, with emphasis on odour control for entities within the washroom area.

Besides having our own global brands, we manufacture products for OEM, Merchant and Hygiene channels.

Often our Biological Solutions are packaged to form part of a complete delivery system. These include ActiveBlue and ActiveFlow.




Grease Traps

The ActiveBlue Delivery System is a smart (IOT) environmentally friendly biological dosing solution for WC’s and Urinals.

Delivering a controlled measure of blue colour, odour neutralisers, foaming and lime scale inhibitors on every flush.

The ActiveFlow Delivery System is both smart (IOT) and programmable, combining a unique and advanced concentrated probiotic degreaser using XL Technology to keep grease traps free flowing.

ActiveFlow is engineered to tackle fats, oils and greases (FOGs). Doing so without the need of surfactants and harmful chemicals.


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