Smart Washroom Technology

Rising standards in washroom facilities and ever-increasing customer expectations have compelled Facilities Managers to seek innovative ways to monitor and optimise performance. The emergence of Smart Washroom Systems, empowered by IoT (Internet of Things) technology, offers an intelligent solution. These systems enable service providers to collect valuable data, track usage patterns, and efficiently manage resources, thus preventing run-to-breakdown scenarios.

At WhiffAway, our cutting-edge Smart Washroom Solutions leverage Smart Washroom Sensors to capture real-time data, delivering insights on the status of washroom assets, all displayed on a user-friendly interface.

Two devices presenting WhiffAway’s Smart Washroom Portal

Explore Our Smart Washroom Portal benefits

Our Smart Washroom Sensors are designed to capture real-time data, providing valuable insights into the status of washroom assets. The data is presented through a user-friendly interface, making it easy for Facilities Managers to take informed actions.

Allocate Resources

By collecting data in real time, trends are identified which enable Facilities Managers to proactively schedule routine maintenance on delivery systems and replenish consumables.

Enhance Washroom Experience

Our independently proven Smart Washroom Technology is developed to solve common washroom issues, ensuring a seamless and pleasant experience for users.

Identify Patterns

Our Smart Washroom Solutions help you maintain customer satisfaction by ensuring timely replenishment of consumables, preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Smart Maintenance

All mechanically based systems require maintenance. Facilities Managers can receive tailored email or text alerts, allowing them to schedule routine maintenance as required.

Less Reactive Callouts

Real time data helps identify the problem before it occurs.

Bespoke Solutions

Customise your dashboard to present data in different formats and personalise alerts to suit your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smart Washroom?

A Smart Washroom is a technologically advanced restroom facility that utilises innovative solutions to enhance hygiene management and user experience. Smart Washrooms are equipped with various sensors and data-driven systems to monitor and optimise operations in real time, ensuring cleanliness, resource efficiency, and user satisfaction.

What is Smart Restroom Technology?

Smart Restroom Technology refers to the cutting-edge systems and solutions implemented in restrooms to transform them into intelligent, data-driven spaces. These technologies include Smart Sensors, IoT connectivity, and advanced software that monitor and manage various aspects of restroom operations. Smart Restroom Technology is designed to enhance efficiency, hygiene, and user comfort in restroom facilities.

What are the benefits of a Smart Washroom System?

The adoption of a Smart Washroom System offers numerous advantages for your facility. These benefits include real-time monitoring of restroom conditions, proactive maintenance, improved hygiene management, reduced operational costs, and enhanced user satisfaction. Smart Washroom Systems ensure the optimal use of resources and prevent issues like equipment breakdowns, leading to a more efficient and pleasant restroom experience.

How do Smart Washroom Sensors work?

Smart Washroom Sensors are integral components of Smart Washroom Systems. These sensors are strategically placed throughout the restroom to collect data on various parameters. For example, they can monitor restroom traffic, refill levels of consumables, and even cleanliness. This data is then transmitted to a central management system, which processes the information in real time. By analysing this data, Smart Washroom Sensors enable facilities managers to make data-driven decisions, ensuring that the restroom remains clean, well-maintained, and user-friendly. Washroom Sensors revolutionise washroom management by making it more efficient and responsive to user needs.

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