The Mat & Ball urinal screen combines patented technology and over 20 years of expertise in the worldwide urinal space.

Designed to be compatible with most urinal sizes and using proprietary EVA materials, the Mat & Ball provides quadruple action, delivering a range of powerful fragrances, reduced splash back, interchangeable biological action and malodour control.

Unlike most other urinal screens, the Mat & Ball adopts the removable Power-Ball, which delivers a secondary fragrance action and gives customers the ability to replace the core biological element of the screen on demand. Thus removing the need to dispose of the entire screen until fragrance is fully depleted.

The Mat & Ball Screen was developed to be fully compatible with both flushing and waterless urinal variants and provides up to 60 day performance.



Key Benefits

Odour Control

Surface odours commonly harboured above the urinal bowl are tackled by a patented malodour conteractant, embedded into both our proprietary EVA material and removable Power-Ball.

The malodour conteractant does not mask these odours and is control released on each use to help overcome this issue at source.


The patented design of the Power-Ball allows air into the system from the top to control fluid dynamics.

Not only does this allow the urinal to self vent; it speeds up general flow and controls the amount of biological dosage, thus avoiding saturation and maximising the lifespan.


A purpose made design to catch debris such as cigarette ends, hair, chewing gum and other foreign matter at source for ease of cleaning.

Subject to correct placement and routine cleaning practices taking place, this minimises the chance of superficial blockages and prevents debris entering the plumbing system.

Blockage Control

The Power-Ball biological block contains a carrier for various elements of the consortia to survive before an alternative food source is provided; the alternative food source being scale, sludge and uric acid build-up often within waste pipework and traps.

Life Cycle Management

Mat & Ball Screens are produced in a range of colours to assist those in managing change cycles and to determine end of life patterns.

Non Hazardous

All components of the Mat & Power-Ball are classified non-hazardous in accordance with COSHH Risk Assessments and are proven to perform successfully on contact, without having a detrimental effect on performance and the surrounding Eco-System.


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