LooLights is a Smart Cubicle Occupancy System for WC’s, Disabled Washrooms and Changing Rooms, encompassing an Intelligent Light, Smart Hub and 3D Digital Twin.

How Do Toilet Occupancy Sensors Work

LooLights utilises smart electronics, cutting edge sensor technology and proprietary software to help users and operators visually determine cubicle occupancy levels using a universally recognised traffic light system.

Red = occupied
Green = vacant
Blue = person with reduced mobility.

A washroom with blue lighting and blue toilet occupancy sensor lights above each cubicle
A washroom with green lighting and green toilet occupancy sensor lights above each cubicle
A washroom with pink lighting and two green toilet occupancy sensor lights above each cubicle.

Smart Portal

WhiffAway’s Smart Portal captures real time data, providing a status of assets in the washroom, including the toilet occupancy sensors, presented through a user-friendly interface.

Allocate Resources

By collecting data in real time, trends are identified which enable Facilities Managers to prompt carrying out routine maintenance on delivery systems and replenish consumables.

Enhance Washroom Experience

Independently proven technology developed to solve common washroom problems.

Identify Patterns

Ensure consumables are replenished to maintain customer satisfaction and avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Smart Maintenance

All mechanically based systems require maintenance. Email or text alerts can be tailored, enabling service providers to carry out routine maintenance when required.

Less Reactive Callouts

Real time data helps identify the problem before it occurs.

Bespoke Solutions

Customise the dashboard to present data in different formats and personalise alerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do The Different Colour Toilet Occupancy Sensor Lights Indicate?

Green = Vacant Red = Occupied Blue = Denotes Ambulant or PRM (person of reduced mobility) cubicle/stall

How Do The Toilet Occupancy Sensors Link To The Smart Portal?

Data is transferred from the sensor via a gateway to the cloud. This data is then processed in the cloud and presented via the Smart Portal. Furthermore, when the light changes state a message is sent from the light via a gateway to the cloud. This data is then processed and presented on an Empathic Building/Smart Portal. If an Active (Occupied) message has been received the Light will be displayed “red” in near real time, within the portals. Once it is inactive (Unoccupied) a message is sent as before to register the state change back to “Green”.


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