WhiffAway developed the Closed Drainage System concept in 2012, based on our understanding of operational problems from other plumbing entities, such as the wash hand basin, washroom floor drain and shower gully area.

Common operational problems identified included back pressure, blow back, evaporation and siphonage. This results in increased odours in washroom environments.

Our patented range of Closed Systems delivers a simple solution for both specification and retro-fit environments. This removes the reliance of conventional water seals and replaces it with a physical barrier, leading to a more hygienic and odour free washroom environment.

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Closed drainage system adaptors

Key Benefits

  • Quick Installation
  • Retro Fits
  • Creates Odour Lock
  • Low Maintenance
  • Creates Access

Step 1

Conventional floor drain with stainless steel cover

Step 2

Remove the cover and the liquid trap inside. Measure the inside diameter of the pipe.

Step 3

According to inside diameter, insert the floor drain adaptor.

Step 4

Replace the stainless steel cover to complete the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Closed Drainage System?

A Closed Drainage System is a plumbing mechanism designed to collect and transport liquid waste while minimising odours and preventing gases from entering the washroom. It consists of sealed pipes that channel waste directly into the sewer system.

How does the Closed Drainage System work?

Our patented range of Closed Drainage Systems use our one-way valve technology meaning the sewer can effectively be closed off from the washroom environment with a physical barrier as opposed to a liquid seal that is susceptible to evaporation and siphonage.

Is maintenance required for Closed Drainage Systems?

Yes, maintenance is essential to ensure optimal functionality. Periodic inspections, cleaning of traps, and preventive measures such as clearing blockages are necessary to keep the system operating efficiently. We would also recommend replacing the one-way valve once per annum to ensure all remains clean and odour free.

How does the Closed Drainage System contribute to a more hygienic washroom environment?

By containing and directing waste effectively, the Closed Drainage System minimises the potential for odours and the spread of harmful bacteria, creating a cleaner and more hygienic washroom environment. Additionally, its design prevents the release of gases that can compromise indoor air quality.


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