ActiveBlue Maintenace Fluid

ActiveBlue is a maintenance fluid that contains a blend of proprietary, environment friendly micro-organisms as well as surface active and natural ingredients. These ingredients work together to ensure enhanced cleaning when applied to WCs and Urinals.

The natural ingredients help to dissove calcium and uric acid crystals, thus preventing significant build up and reducing blockages further down the line.

ActiveBlue thus eliminates the need to use corrosive chemicals for cleaning, making for an effective and non-toxic WC & urinal cleaner.  It also leaves a pleasant fragrance after each use.


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ActiveBlue white bottles

ActiveBlue Maintenance Fluid Key Benefits

  • Applied via ActiveBlue (IOT) Delivery System
  • Blue Colour on every flush
  • Lime scale inhibitors
  • Neutralises odours

  • Foaming Action
  • Non Hazardous
  • Removes need for harmful chemicals
  • Fully Serviced Solution


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