Remembering JE McAlpine

It is with great sadness to announce the passing of Jimmy McAlpine.  He died peacefully on 9th June 2021 with his family around him.

Many of you will not know this but after leaving school Jimmy served his apprenticeship as an Engineer and then joined McAlpine, which at that time only employed thirty people, and manufactured lead Traps and Bends.

Jimmy and his Father (JB McAlpine) thought that there were possibilities in the future to sell products in plastic and the first trap (which is referred to as an A10 – we hold a version of this in our warehouse!) was designed by Jimmy and eventually was available for sale.

At the time McAlpine customers did not have any real interest in stocking plastic products but eventually they accepted that there were possibilities in plastic products and from then on McAlpine developed to what it is today!  Much like VM when, with the help of Jimmy, she developed the world’s first retro-fit waterless urinal system (the Dome & Disc) there was little to no interest in this type of product.

We at WhiffAway Group should all remember that practically every product we sell today was drawn, developed, prototyped and tooled through Jimmy’s hand and we are extremely grateful for the support and encouragement given from the early day’s through to his last.

He was a dear friend, a great leader and teacher, loved dearly by his family and he will be sorely missed but not forgotten.

He has left an incredible legacy and lives on in us.



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